Open 10AM to 10PM Everyday
Lunch - 10AM to 3PM Weekdays
Brunch 10AM to 4PM Saturdays and Sundays
Dinner 5PM to 10PM 

HARVEST HABIT (our Happy Hour) 3PM to 5PM and 9PM to 10PM 


Three friends who grew up since childhood together shared a love of casual food. We also shared a love of natural farm grown ingredients. Harvest Kitchen is our expression of how we love to eat. To us, food is simple. We believe in using fresh, high quality ingredients. We believe in local sourcing (from likeminded suppliers, from our friend's farms, and now from our own farm) whenever possible. We believe in straightforward preparations. We believe in letting fresh, straightforward, everyday food speak for itself.

Where can we go to eat the foods we love? Where can we go to eat fresh and tasty everyday meals at reasonable prices? Where can we go that caters to both our eating preferences and those of our friends? 
Harvest Kitchen is our answer to these questions.
The menu was in our minds, the food is how we live.

Harvest Kitchen - where vegetarians bring their meat-eating friends ... and vice versa.

Everyday food. Consciously sourced.

124 Harbord Street 416-901-5901

124 Harbord Street