Two chefs preparing food at Harvest Kitchen

Chef de Cuisine

Harvest Kitchen now has a full time position available for a Chef de cuisine (a great opportunity for individuals wanting to advance their career).

Successful candidates will have a minimum of 7 years experience. At least two consecutive years with the same company and 1 year in a management role. The position available requires that you be able to a variety of shifts, including lunch, brunch and dinner.

We are looking for someone with an engaging personality, with a love of down-to-earth tasty food. We are a team of people who are committed to achieving and doing their best on a daily basis.

We care about others and demonstrate this through our unique coach approach to management. If you have worked in the restaurant business for a while, this is a rare opportunity. Harvest Kitchen provides our leadership team with formal management coaching helping them enjoy success both personally and professionally.

If you are interested, read up on us. Check out our story, our Facebook page, or website. See what you can find out about our farm. If your values are aligned with ours, and you can confidently answer yes to the following statements, then check out the steps below to see how to apply.

  • You care about local sourcing, and believe ethical food should be more widely available at affordable prices.
  • You consider yourself to be good communicator.
  • You consider yourself to be open minded.
  • You believe people should be able to eat whatever they want - and you welcome customers with dietary preferences.
  • Your ex-coworkers would describe you as having a great work ethic.
  • You can physically handle working in a restaurant that has multiple levels/floors.
  • You are professional about your work.
  • You have a silly side.

Salary based on experience starting at but not limited to the range of $50,000.


Who we hire

  • Interesting, energetic people who enjoy being part of a high-standards team.
  • People who care about where their food comes from, and who believe in the cause of making consciously sourced food more widely available.

How to apply

  • Please complete our application form and drop it off at the restaurant any weekday between 2pm – 5pm.
  • Printed hard copies of the application form are available for pick up at Harvest Kitchen, weekdays between 2 pm – 5 pm.

Harvest Kitchen uses 7Shifts for real-time scheduling and communication allowing staff and managers the easiest possible way to coordinate, work/life balance.